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With Halloween knocking at the door, it is again time to think and decide on what costume you are going to wear this season.  The sooner you decide the better, as you would have the costume you want available; otherwise not much choices are left at the end moment.

If you are still trying to figure out what to dress up as, it would be a good idea to stick to the central theme of the Halloween and yet look unique. Spooky, creepy and weird ambience is the central theme of Halloween and witches, ghosts and vampires represent the mood best. However, it is so common to dress up in a witch or vampire attire, then how to make yourself stand apart even when dressed up as a witch? The good news is that there are many choices that will make you stick to central theme and would yet be able to render a unique look to you. You may want to dress up like an Emerald Witch, Pumpkin patch Witch or Sorceress.

Welcome to SorceressCostume.Com, the best place on the web to park your broom and stay awhile – while you look through all of the best sorceress costumes we could find!  A sorceress is a woman who can perform black magic and who participates in the black arts. In some instances, she is called a witch.  Many people have decided to dress in a sorceress costume thanks to the popularity of such movie franchises as Harry Potter, who showed the world that not all sorcerers or sorceresses are evil, although you can choose to be an evil sorceress if you wish!

Halloween is the best time for wearing a sorceress costume, but you might find yourself in need of a costume like this for some other play or event.  And thanks to the many sorceress costumes on today’s market, casting your spell on the crowd has never been simpler.

The hallmarks of a sorceress costume:

-          Long dress with flowing sleeves.  You might choose a dress with a high collar, or you may choose to show more cleavage.  Either way, the dress should reach the floor and have bell sleeves.

-          Pointy hat.  Yes, a sorceress costume is never complete without its pointed witch’s hat.  As a side note, the pointy hat may have originated in Spain, where condemned “witches” were forced to wear one while they were subjected to public humiliation and ridicule for their alleged profession.

-          A wand.  For conjuring spells and casting them while dressed up in your Sorceress costume, you will definitely need your magic wand handy.  You might also carry a fake crystal ball so that you can divine your friends’ fortunes and destinies.

-          Magical herbs.  Put dried parsley or other spices into little pouches made from burlap and carry them in a pocket to cast “spells” on passersby.

-          Comfortable shoes that fit the period. Go for ankle boots if possible to coordinate well with your sorceress costume.

Thank you for stopping by SorceressCostume.Com to find the best sorceress costume for an enchanting evening!

If you are daring enough to be different and want to look witchingly sexy, then Sorceress Halloween costume would be your best bet. This costume is 1 part dragon tears & 2 parts new tail costume. The dress is a sure winner and would have all heads turned towards you in this costume.  The costume set usually includes a black overlay and a bell sleeved purple dress featuring jagged hem. To give that perfect look, the costume set also includes a matching witch hat, eyeball medallion and eyeball hand accessory. The costume is available in adult size (12-14) and can also be purchased in young adult size. Additional accessories include fishnet tights, witch shoes and beaded tip eyelashes.

Accessorizing Your Costume

Accessorizing your new sorceress costume is as simple as thinking like a sorceress! You will want the old standby accessory for your costume: a magic wand, of course! Depending on your hairstyle, you might want to go for a long wig to accentuate your overall ensemble. You might also go for long, black or silver fingernails (either the type you put on yourself or that you have put on at your favorite salon). The longer, the more dramatic, the darker, the better! Finish off your look with crazy makeup and lots of glitter in your hair or your sorceress wig.

Measuring for Your Costume

Don’t rely on the sorcery of guessing to determine which Sorceress costume size you should order. Keep in mind when ordering a costume that not all costume sizes relate to the same equivalent dress size. This makes it very important to take your measurements if you don’t already know them, and compare them to the size chart that is found in the product listing. Measure your waist, using your natural waistline. Measure the widest measurement for your hips and your chest, and note your inseam if the costume that you choose has legs. Don’t rely on the magic to find the best size – it pays to measure!

Now for this Halloween, why not take on sorceress costumes? There are so many ways in which this can be had. You could be the classic version of the sorceress, or could choose to don the seductive role. There is also the version that is sexy and attracts attention. The length and design of the costume will vary with what you want in the end. You could have a dress with flowing sleeves or a low cut dress for an adult party. Add on the pointy hat that is a hallmark of the sorceress’s shadow. You will also need a wand and a cache of magical herbs to complete the picture.

Sorceress Halloween Costume

Witches and Halloween are inseparable. Witches have been always a part of Halloween. So why not dress yourself up in a Sorceress Witch costume this Halloween? However, not every Sorceress is necessarily a bad witch. You can choose the right dress to give a bad witch or good witch effect.

We all have, to some extent, how much little it may be, an evil and dark side to us and what can be better time than Halloween to bring it out.  Sorceresses and sorcerers have been favourite Halloween costumes for ages, mainly because of their history of using mayhem and dark magic to conjure up spirits & raise the dead.

Doesn’t matter you want to be naughty or nice, Sorceress costumes would be a perfect idea to go for. The black costumes with a hood automatically give off the idea of a bad, dark witch like the Wicked Witch of the West, or at least a very mysterious woman. On the other hand, a white costume set partnered with white shoes are going to emanate a good and kind witch effect like Glinda. You can customize your costume further by complimenting it with a glass or wooden wand. In case you have little more to spare, consider going for a realistic looking sceptre. You can also dress yourself up with interesting makeup, jewellery and of course magic wands as mentioned above.

With 1 part dragon tears & two parts newt tail – the Sorceress costume is going to brew up some magic this Halloween season. The black witch costume set typically includes a purple dress with a jagged hem, sheer black overlay and bell sleeves. To complete the magical effect and design, also included are a witch hat, eyeball medallion & eyeball hand accessory.

Pick your choice and have lots of fun dressing up for your Halloween party!

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